The ‘Before’ Gallery

Here are some pictures of the interior, in purchased condition. While it is showing its age, much of this will be saved and/or used to make replacements.

Check out the gorgeous upholstery. Yeah, not keeping that…

No, you’re not imagining it, and there’s nothing wrong with your screen… the sink and stove really are pink.

The refrigerator is not original – the previous owner said it’s about 9 years old, and was working when he pulled it out of his 5th wheel and installed it here (though it’s not been powered-up in this trailer).

The back “bedroom” with two twin beds.

The long mirror is actually mounted on the bathroom door. Currently, the bathroom has no toilet, but I could easily replace it. It also has a small sink and a shower.

I hope to keep at least one of these two beds, as there’s a fair amount of storage under them (and that’s where the water tank lives, I believe).  If I remove one bed, it will likely become a couch that can fold out into a bed – like a futon.

Some of the cabinetry at the ends of the beds is new, and some original.  Lots and lots of storage space.

The view from the back to the front. It’s really fairly spacious.

Tomorrow, I’m getting out there with a tape measure and I’m going to start designing and planning on paper.

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