My Newest Project

So, I decided that in order to manage my myriad craft projects, I should have my very own room. After weighing costs, labor, and simple design options, I decided to purchase a structurally-sound but in-need-of-cosmetic-restoration travel trailer.

After a fair amount of searching, I happened across this 27-foot 1966 Avion. As you can see, she’s in pretty good shape for her age. She appears to be water-tight (no leaks in the rain), so really, all she will need is some electrical work (which I will have to learn), and interior design.

My goal is not to restore her to original condition, but to reconfigure her to my needs as a craft room and office space for myself. I do plan to keep at least some appliances and plumbing, but they are very low on my list of needs.

I look forward to sharing my progress with the world through this blog.

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